Participant Information

Show Schedule:

Friday, November 22, 2023, from 6 – 9pm
Saturday, November 23, 2023, from 10am – 7pm
Sunday, November 24, 2023, from 10am – 6pm


The Virginia Beach Convention Center
1000 19th Street, Virginia Beach, VA 23451

Application Processing

The CVAS team will collect the information you submitted and prepare a slide for review using the pictures you submitted. The slides are reviewed by our selection committee with the primary objective to fill the hall with the best cars, trucks, and motorcycles.

  • Submit your entry early, don’t wait until the hall is full.
  • Provide good pictures of your vehicle, car selection is based on what we see.
  • Our process is iterative, your vehicle may be reviewed several times.

Your Invitation

The CVAS team will send you an email when your vehicle is selected with a link for payment (most vehicles). Please make your payment quickly to reserve your place in the competition.

  • Pay promptly to reserve your place in the competition.
  • Each participant will receive a registration packet (not each car).
  • Each registration packet has 2 wristbands for each day of the show.
  • Purchase additional tickets when you pay or use our link on the website.


The CVAS team will provide secure parking for trailers in the parking lot adjacent to the convention center. Space in the convention center is limited so access for trailers is controlled. Unless it is necessary, we recommend unloading your vehicle in the parking lot, wait times for vehicles will be much shorter than trailers. Each load in session will have as many as 50 cars trying to unload at the same time. The sessions are aligned to afford access so that we fill the hall from front to back. We will have some hand carts available to move smaller items if needed.

Please notify us in advance if you must bring your trailer into the hall to load in/out. Please be considerate of the limited time and space available. We ask that you simply unload your car and display equipment, park your trailer in the designated parking area, then return and do your setup.

Prior to arrival

The CVAS team will send you an email with information you will need for load-in, including day/time. When you receive this email, your space has been assigned, if you need electrical service contact us to get your assigned space number (You will need this to order service from the Convention Center, the CVAS team does not provide electrical service). Use our website for more information about the show and use the links to the Convention Center to purchase electrical service or find deals on hotels.

  • Confirm your load-in date/time, let us know if you need assistance.
  • Load Time strictly enforced, we have a waiting area for early birds.
  • Contact us for your assigned space number if you need electrical service.
  • Purchase electrical service from the Convention Center on their website.
  • Arrive with your vehicle’s fuel tank less than ¼ full.

Electricity for Participants

You will purchase electricity directly from the Virginia Beach Convention Center

Here is the link:

Under Exhibitor Services find the area for Electricity. Click on the “Buy Now” button when you are ready to purchase. Select the Coastal Virginia Auto Show from their November calendar. It will show the event and start date. It will ask for “Booth Number or Company Name:” put your assigned space into the answer box (ex: X989). Click Continue. If you need assistance, please contact the Virginia Beach Convention Center.

When you arrive

The CVAS parking team will have signs and people to guide you through the maze and get your vehicle safely inside the convention center. Please cooperate, they have only a few short hours to park more than 350 vehicles along with sponsors and vendors. They have worked long and hard to make it run smoothly, but they need your help.

  • Arrive with your vehicle’s fuel tank less than ¼ full.
  • Pick up your registration package by your name.
  • Unload your trailer in the parking lot, we have carts to help get stuff into the hall.
  • (Hint: longer wait times for trailers to drive into the hall).
  • Follow directions from the team to the hall and inside.

Final Preparations

The CVAS team will help get you into your spot and we even have carts to help you haul your stuff into the hall, just ask the parking team assisting you to your spot. You will have time to set up your display and put on those finishing touches. The doors will open at 6pm on Friday, but judging doesn’t start until Saturday morning.

  • Please tidy up your area when you are done, just so you look your best.
  • Respect your neighbors when doing sprays and chemicals.
  • Be sure to check your keys in at the CVAS tent (required by Fire Marshal).